Roads & Railways with UAV

Roads & Railways

Railways and roads are vital transportation infrastructures and it is indispensable factor of the growth of a country, good connectivity is, that gets reflected from the economic growth of any country so Any structural failures need to be avoided at all costs through early detection and preventive maintenance.


Planning a new road or a rail route requires a lot of primary exercises like checking the feasibility of the corridor, getting the topographical information and optimizing the cost. And once constructed, it again requires a lot of monitoring to keep it, safe and sound. Despite transportation network being considered the backbone of any economy, all these exercises are carried out in traditional time-consuming manual methods which directly or indirectly hampers the growth of that area.

We Provide

UAVs or drones, if deployed in planning, constructing and monitoring activities of roads and railways can cut down the cost dramatically and capture the data with lot more accuracy too.

Benefits of Drones in Construction Engineering & Mapping

  • Keep Projects On-Track and On-Budget by Having Access to Up-To-Date Data
  • Aerial/Flight Documentation Increases Productivity by Connecting the Field with the Office
  • Enhances Progress Monitoring by Providing Real-Time Reports
  • Establishes Client as an Innovative Industry Leader and Communicating or Elaborating More Effectively
  • Track Assets and Mark-Up Photos
  • Access and Document Areas That Are Difficult to Reach
  • Limit your Liability and Risk by Documenting Every Step of the Project

Why We?

We provide Surveying the site and creating topographical maps prior to ground-breaking

Our Drone imagery and data can increase the precision of construction bids and which also useful in Project Management & Monitoring

Construction sites possess dangerous and difficult to access areas. With help of Drones can inspect these precarious places without risking life, protecting workers and your company's liability.

With Advanced technologies integrated with drone imaging can provide valuable information about soil and ground quality prior to breaking ground and can help detect heat loss and water leaks in the building envelope after project completion


  • Map/Plan Overlay
  • 3-D Models
  • Digital surface model with accurate elevation details
  • Compatible 3D Model with a point cloud and mesh data of the entire area with high accuracy
  • Digital terrain model with contours at cm level interval
  • BIM
  • Project Video
  • Aerial Documentation