Power Transmission & Distribution Lines

Power Transmission & Distribution Lines

Over the years, with the increasing demand for power, an extensive network of power transmission lines and towers has been developed across the globe

Though with expansion the transmission grids have become complex as these grids play a vital role in evacuating the power generated at various power generating plants and distributing it further, it is imperative that transmission infrastructures perform robustly throughout their operational life cycle. This can only be attained if all the components of these grids are monitored regularly.

In order to ensure un-interrupted power supply by preventing inadvertent power failures and thereby reducing outage regular inspections of this network is essential.


  • HD Images and Video Documentation of each pole, distribution transformer and other critical objects in the network
  • HD Images of the line hardware with an excel sheet showing per pole hardware details like insulators, guy wires, cross arms, jumpers etc.
  • Inspection report on various irregularities in the network including those at line crossings and abnormal pole angles
  • Inspection report highlighting vegetation encroachment in the network including creepers on poles
  • Verification of regulating ground clearances of various conductors at roads/highways and at line crossings
  • Pole to pole distances, for all poles present in the network
  • Drawing highlighting pole attributes, importable to GIS software
  • Mapping and overlaying of KMLs in GIS

Why We?

We provide the best quality images at the cm/pixel resolution

Our data analysis helps utilities to ascertain the existing assets and manage them accordingly

Our service team can capture data faster compared to manual methods

We deliver results very fast with required analysis report and documents


Raw Images of the entire plant

HD Images and Video Documentation of whole windmill

Data Insights

Reports in the readable format with images indicating individual defects